• Flow based programming approach in php.
  • Refactored/enhanced base library.
  • Added parser (phpflo-fbp) for domain specific language.
  • Ready for use with symfony or as a standalone ETL tool.
  • phpflo on GitHub
  • phpflo projects on GitHub


  • Feature complete library, based on commandline ansible provision tool and Symfony's ProcessComponent.
  • php-ansible on GitHub


ServerGrove Symfony2 deployment

  • Helping to develop/maintain this ansible-galaxy package for ServerGrove.
  • Capistrano-style deployment for Symfony2 applications, allows for a lot of configuration.
  • Symfony2 deploy on GitHub

TranslationLoaderBundle (Symfony2)

MarkdownContentBundle (Symfony2)


  • library providing data storage object(s), configuration objects and timers
  • the library is extensively tested
  • You can find php-utilities on GitHub